Who’s ready for a scooter rage rant?!

Image result for lime scooters accident  memeI stayed out of the halal butcher hysteria just to keep you all wanting more, but whoooo doggie, the proliferation of scooters has got folks *worked up*.

And by folks, I mean BevHills busybody “Donna”, who uses her spare time when not writing a complaint column in the local newspaper that is literally called “What Bugs Me” to utterly trash her neighbors on an almost daily basis on the listserv.

The subject of her recent ire is the City’s pilot program on electric scooters. To say folks are passionate on either side is an understatement. I’ve ridden them. I’ve also picked up fallen ones and moved them off the sidewalk.

But you know what I haven’t done? Interrogate a kid riding on the sidewalk and write an open letter to his parents to shame them.

Here’s the full rant from Donna:

To the parents of H____ M___ (Bev note: I’m not naming him because, RUDE!):

Did you know he is illegally riding a lime scooter? At the busy intersection of Monticello and Russell Rd.

Obviously under 16 and riding on the sidewalk. NO HELMET too.

Someone used their drivers license and credit card to use the scooter. Do you have a death wish for your son?

There are at least 13 attributable deaths with scooters. At least, those are the ones that have counted. And they were adults with allegedly more sense than a child!

Not a good look accusing parents of having a death wish for their child.

Mad props to the listserv member rewrote Donna’s notable “be kind to animals” email signature:

If you have room in your heart, please don’t publicly shame little kids.  They are children who ask nothing of you and give back so much.  As Ben Franklin said, “mind your own d@mn business.”

By the way, if you haven’t seen the South Park spoof, this is as close as I think you can get to Donna’s blind hatred of scooters 😉


8 thoughts on “Who’s ready for a scooter rage rant?!

    1. Bev

      Shoulda waited to post because the jokesters are replying en masse:

      “We should disallow children and other human beings from using scooters and reserve them for chickens. This will save the brave fowl from the barbarity of hallal slaughter.”

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  1. Thanks, Bev …
    I am “Back-Up Moderator” (BUM) … They are DOUBLING my salary from $0.00/year to $00.00/year.
    We used to have two rules:
    (1) no political ENDORSEMENTS (such as ‘vote for Jim Moran’)
    (2) be nice

    #2 is getting very hard to enforce.
    I concur with my friend Daphne’s comments.

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  2. JulieAnne Jones

    Just saw on N. Overlook!!!!!! Halal chickens, riding scooters to the PIT to drink beer. Actually 2 were on bikes without helmets. Crazy neighborhood- i love it. Raji!! Where are you?

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    1. Bev

      You made me LOL while reading this on my phone driving 55mph down Russell and dodging the speed bumps like a slalom course. Safety first, so I posted this comment after I double-parked on a curb blocking a fire hydrant 😉


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