You might think your neighborhood is full of a buncha sourpuss complainers. But unless you live in or subscribe to the Beverley Hills neighborhood listserv in Alexandria, VA, you’d be wrong.

If you enjoy vitriolic, snarky comments about dog poop disposal, political arguments, unsolicited medical advice, eco-debates on field mice removal and general crankypants complaints, you’ve come to the right place!

(*All names have been changed to protect the crazies.)

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Scott

    Whoever you are… Thank you! I had to quit the listserv because of the idiots posting. My final straw was the lady complaining about someone’s sprinkler getting the sidewalk wet where she walked. She was upset she had to walk around. Signed new devoted follower.

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  2. Terrie Schweitzer

    Yay! Love this! If you run out out of fodder, check the archives for bagel-gate, grocery store- gate, Chick-filet-gate, mosquito spraying-gate, or bicycle lane-gate. Cause I know dog poo and comcrap can only hold an audiences attention so long. Though ANYthing Debbie has to say is fascinating. If you dig hard enough, you might even find the missive on peaches purchased at Target!! That was a good one!!!


  3. washingtongal

    This blog is amazing. You’ve inspired me to start one for the adjoining neighborhood of Parkfairfax. Don’t let the cute colonial brick buildings fool you, the crazies live there too! 🙂

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