Is NOTHING sacred? City ruins trash-picking Christmas

sanford and sonJust weeks after BevHills listserv erupted about the poors moving in (and my lil’ ol blog was featured in the Washingtonian!!!), folks are now furious about changes to their favorite annual holiday, junk trash day (aka Spring Clean Up).

The Spring Clean Up has always occurred one magical Saturday a year, where people can put bulk trash and oversized items at the curb for trash pick up.

BevHills residents gleefully turn into Sanford and Son-esque trash pickers, slowly trawling the neighborhood in their cars to scavenge bulk items like used furniture, gallons of old paint, half-destroyed kid toys, and broken Lime scooters (lol). It’s like Santa, but in reverse.

As with all BevHill listerv runaway rants, it started with an innocuous request from someone looking for the date of this year’s holy event.  And it was met with some shocking news…Spring Clean Up is no more.

That’s because the City of Alexandria has found it is cheaper and more efficient to just pick these items up every week. Which means that in reality, every Thursday can be Spring Clean Up day, and a fabulous opportunity to find roadside treasures.

Yay, right?!

Ha ha, of course not. You, dear reader, know that this news was immediately met with complaints.

“You canceled one of our favorite events!” (seriously?! Get a hobby, Karen). And cue the mayor-haters, who whined about a lack of transparency despite the fact that it’s on the City’s website and certainly contained in one of Justin’s monthly tomes on every last everything going on the city. But ugh, reading, amirite?!

So get ready for the weekly Thursday Hunger Games of trash scavenging, my pretties. May the odds be ever in your favor…





4 thoughts on “Is NOTHING sacred? City ruins trash-picking Christmas

      1. Terrie Schweitzer

        Heck yeah. We live on the big circle and would marvel at the mayhem. It became entertainment for us. Our trash was always someone else’s treasure . Tout suite . But I think our trash was better than most. 🤷🏼‍♀️


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