The listserv is down. I repeat, the listserv is down!

maydayOMG, the BevHills listserv was down all day and now it’s like a firehose of emails complaining, looking for electricians, and selling their crap.

The absolute best was a thread about folks cutting down mature trees.

It involved a lot of public shaming of a realtor involved in a recent house flipping project who had every last bit of greenery ripped out.

Someone posted the realtor’s work information so people could call him and complain, so naturally, that person was accused of doxxing (they helpfully included the Webster’s definition).

Accusations of public shaming began to fly. There were calls to be civil. Somewhere in the distance, a fox howled and dog took a huge crap in someone’s lawn.

14 thoughts on “The listserv is down. I repeat, the listserv is down!

  1. Terrie Schweitzer

    Oh girl. I’ve typed and un-typed so many responses. My arthritis thanks you. My dead azaleas thank you. My leaning 200 hundred year old historic tree teetering on my house thanks you.

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  2. NIMBY22305

    Thank you SO MUCH for this point, because I COULD GIVE 2 SHITS if someone cut down the trees on their OWN PROPERTY. I mean, don’t we have some more important things to worry about right now, like where the hell is Raji when we need him/her?!!


  3. Wayne Hulehan

    Tell me about it! I am moderator. You guys can only IMAGINE the emails I got about this, INSISTING I fix it. And basically no online support/phone support for Yahoo

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      1. Wayne Hulehan

        Hell, *I* was sending test msgs!! I changed about every option in the listserv, trying to bring it out of the coma. Yet some folks insisted on asking me what actions I have taken. For the record, there is no telephone or online support for yahoo, it is basically user-help-user fora (forums). Oy vey. Pass the green beer, Bev O’Reily

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