Does anybody have a meat grinder I can borrow for a day?


Hi Folks, Do you have a meat grinder I may borrow for a day so I can grind turkey bones and meat for my cat who has inflammatory bowel disease. Or, if you prefer, I’d be happy to come over and grind the meat and bones in your home. Thank you so much.

I was just thinking this morning, boy, it’d sure be nice to have someone stop by and grind some turkey bones in my home.  Haven’t done that in ages – miss those good ‘ol turkey grind days….

Sad cat with irritable bowel syndrome, wishing for ground up turkey meat and bones

(h/t to frequent commenter, JuJu)

7 thoughts on “Does anybody have a meat grinder I can borrow for a day?

  1. JuJu

    Dear Bev:
    My dog had very runny poo a couple days ago; do you think he could have bowel problems? He often eats used tissues and holly leaves. I know you’re not a vet, but i’m sure you have some excellent advice for me. Thanks!

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  2. JuJu

    Also, having a meat grinder in the house is a GREAT idea; i often grind up old chicken bones just to keep in my car for snacks on-the-go. The kids love the extra protein too!

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  3. Bev

    Dear JuJu, if you’ve been following last week’s explosive topic on the listserv (bike lanes!!!), I think one could find ways to employ a meat grinder on a certain enraged commenters, too.


  4. sheesh

    the rosemont listserve is just as crazy as yours.

    in the same vein as cat IBD…

    Today at 2:33 PM
    Subject: Anyone have expenence with partial blockage of small intestine?
    Message body:
    My sister is visiting and is having an episode. I would love to hear what you do to deal with this situation.
    Thank you so much


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