Foxes at Valley and [CENSORED]

What does the fox say? [totally wishing this image was courtesy of “Wally Hallahan”]
Lock up your family!

Couldn’t let this lil’ gem slip by, what with the holiday upon us.

I am every so thankful for the never-ending distress that critters cause my neighbors.


Last week around 5:30am, after being woken by the bellowing of our own dog, my son watched a fox trail a woman walking a small dog past our house. The fox got too close and she picked her dog up and ran and the fox followed her out of sight.

While I don’t think anyone was in danger of being eaten, it probably wasn’t fun.

Please be sure to watch this important safety video:


[Note: post has been updated to remove the cross street. Fox has been placed into witness protection program.]

6 thoughts on “Foxes at Valley and [CENSORED]

    1. BH list serve member

      Yeah dipsh$t- that’s why I posted them. Good of the blog owner to not consider our privacy in reposting on public forum, not a closed group. Well done – thanks for that. Blogger – You went from clever to reckless in one post.


      1. Bev

        Hi there, dipsh$t here — your address isn’t posted, and until you complained, I doubt anyone assumed the cross streets were right in front of your house. I know I certainly didn’t read it that way. Anywhoo, I’ve edited the title just for you. Love Bev.
        PS. Your email address is super fun.


  1. BH Listserv Member's Neighbor

    To BH Listserve Member — I love how it’s “okay” to broadcast this to the more than 2,500 members of the listserve (because that’s not public) and not okay to post on a humorous blog that’s probably only read by members of the listserv.


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