Gun shots?

Yosemite Sam
Pew pew!

Nothing gets the listserv fired up (see what I did there?!) as much as potential mortal peril in our bucolic hood.

So naturally, there was concern late last night about potential shots fired. And naturally, the comments went from zero to 60 in an instant.

Did anybody just hear what sounded like two gunshots?
Lulu on Beverley

Good thinking posting that, Lulu. That’s what you want to do when you feel unsafe…LISTSERV TO THE RESCUE!

Yes here in franklin court too. Has someone called the police? If not I will.

At this point, I am imagining these two women cowering in their living rooms, furiously typing out messages to the listserv and waiting for one of the “regulars” to swoop in and save them.

Seriously?? Neither of you had called the police???????

BOOM. Commence throw down. Lulu defends her original email:

Settle down. Police were already responding by the time I hit send on my original post. Still not sure what happened. We couldn’t decipher the conversation happening on our police scanner app.

I’m sorry…WHA?! So you are not calling the police, but writing the listserv and listening to a police scanner (there’s an app for that?!).

Like clockwork, the snarky peacekeepers rear their heads.

Seriously – simmer down. What good does this berating do? Keep it to yourself.

Followed shortly by:

Yes we called the police, you lunatic.

Ah, civil discourse at its finest. The kicker is I still don’t know if actual shots were fired or not.


12 thoughts on “Gun shots?

    1. Bev

      Jacki, it’s a date. When I have spare time, I’ll fire some warning shots so you can come find me (waiting by the “No Dog Poo” Dumpster, natch).


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    1. Lorraine DiRienzo

      Please remove my previous comment. I realize now you are not Ashlee, but I am determined to figure out who you are (while I cower in my living room.)


  2. Iain

    I am the LUNATIC so adroitly addressed in the dispatch. A stigma I shall soon not live down. Forever branded as the one who questioned the sanity of an line text discourse rather than actual preventive measures, ie. Notifying the police, shall forever haunt me.

    But more interesting, and I am not passing judgement, but who is listening to poliuce scanners in the middle of the night?? There is SOOO muhch other less harrowing stuff to enjoy.

    Excuse me now while i go howl at the moon.

    Liked by 1 person

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